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    Increase Your Chances Of Pregnancy – Tips For Trying To Conceive

    If you’ve tried or have been trying to get pregnant, then you know how stressful and disheartening it can be when you keep getting those negative test results. Obviously there are many factors that play into a woman’s fertility, such as health, age, disease and genetics. However, aside from these factors, many women can struggle to get pregnant due to simple mistakes, that when corrected, can successfully result in a pregnancy. Keep reading to find out how you can better your odds of becoming pregnant with these tips for trying to conceive.   This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission through purchases made…

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    Baby Shower Game Ideas – Fun Ideas For A Co-ed Baby Shower

    Traditionally, baby showers were originally intended for women to gather and celebrate the pregnancy of another woman and welcome her into motherhood. Today, the more popular idea is to have co-ed baby showers that allow both mom and dad to celebrate with all their friends and spouses. Cue the groans and eye rolls from all the husbands at this point. This is typically the reaction you would expect from a man as his wife drags him to her friend’s baby shower. Am I right? Now I know, a baby shower isn’t top pick over watching a sports game, but don’t worry husbands, because I have provided the ultimate list of…

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    Unique Baby Names – 200 Names For The Modern Momma

      One of the hardest things about becoming a parent is finding the perfect name for your little baby. You never truly realize how hard it is until you and your spouse begin to disagree on every proposed name. If you’re anything like me, you may want to give your baby a unique name that will help them stand out but also don’t want anything too crazy or outlandish. That is why I have compiled the ultimate list of unique baby names, that are different and unusual, but not crazy out of this world, or let’s be honest just plain weird. This list is perfect for those mommas out there…

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    What To Expect In Your Third Trimester -The Final Weeks

      You’ve made it through the slump of the first trimester and felt the second wind of the second trimester, and now you’ve finally reached the third trimester. If you’re anything like me this is a bittersweet feeling, bitter because it’s the last trimester you have carrying your sweet baby inside of you and feeling them move and kick, and hiccup. Sweet because it’s the last trimester that you’ll have to deal with body and hormone changes, swelling, weight gain, and all the other “fun” symptoms that come with pregnancy, and not to mention you’re that much closer to meeting your little one! The third trimester is a roller coaster,…

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    What To Expect In The Second Trimester – Weeks 13 Through 27

    `  Well mommas, congratulations! You finally made it through the first trimester! Say goodbye to terrible morning sickness and groggy fatigue (well for most mommas) and say hello to energy and baby kicks! The second trimester is often regarded as the best trimester of pregnancy, and as you read, I will get into the details as to why so many women feel this way. From body changes to baby’s growth and development, to everything you need to do, here is what to expect in the second trimester of pregnancy. This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission through purchases made on my site. This…

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    What To Expect In The First Trimester – The First 12 Weeks

    When you see those two little blue lines appear on the pregnancy test, your mind starts racing, your body goes numb, and you slowly begin to roll through every emotion. How do I know this? Because I’ve been there. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant, I was home on my lunch break with my husband. I was a day late for my expected period, and we just thought, ah what the heck, let’s just take a test for fun and see. Well, to our surprise, the test showed positive, and we were in such disbelief, we took three more tests later that evening, just to be…

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    Are You Pregnant? – Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before A Missed Period

      Not sure if you’re pregnant? Before you even miss a period, your body could be giving off subtle warning signs alluding to the fact you may be pregnant. Keep in mind pregnancy and the symptoms of pregnancy vary from woman to woman. For some women early signs begin to surface within the first week of conception, other women may have pregnancies that go unnoticed until weeks after conception. The frequency and intensity of these early signs can also vary from woman to woman, meaning even if you are pregnant you could possibly not experience any of these symptoms, while others may experience all of them. It is also important…

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    Tips For Labor And Delivery – 8 Things I Wish I Knew Before Childbirth

    Before I had my daughter, I was a newly expectant mother without a clue. I had horrible fears and dreaded the day I went into labor. This was simply due to the fact that I was uneducated. People told me all the time, “don’t Google it” or “don’t research childbirth, it will only get you worked up.” Mommas let me tell you that is bologna. In fact, I am a person who finds solace in learning. The more I know and understand something the calmer and more put together I feel. Let me start off by saying the first thing I wish I knew before I went into labor was…

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    Is It Baby Time? – 11 Signs You Are Going Into Labor

      If you’re reading this then I’m sure you’ve read almost every other article out there prepping you for signs you are going into labor. I know this because I was once in your shoes and towards the end of my pregnancy, Google had become my best friend. I don’t care who you are or if you love being pregnant. Every expecting mother reaches a point where they just want that baby out. So in order to bear through the anticipation of meeting my little girl, I did what I do best, and I researched. If this is your first time going through labor, you won’t know what signs to…

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    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – 8 Personalized Gifts For Mom

      Mother’s Day is such an important holiday, which is why it is recognized and celebrated worldwide each and every year. Every time Mother’s Day rolls around, I often find myself wondering, how can I ever thank my mom enough for the all the love, selflessness, and sacrifice she’s made? Finding a gift that encapsulates all the gratitude you feel towards your mom can often feel daunting and overwhelming, but with the help of this list, you’ll be able to give your mom the ultimate gift with a personal touch. Nothing shows you care more than adding a little sentimental customization. Giving a unique gift will show your mom you…