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Best Camera For Moms – Capture Those Precious Moments



I am not blessed with the gift of athleticism. In fact, in the peak of my awkwardness, in middle school, my lack of agility was highlighted when I missed the memo of a soccer ball being launched down the field and towards my face, at an incredible rate of speed.

My more agile peers quickly moved out of the way, leaving me in the direct line of fire, allowing the ball to flatten against my face, on impact.

Aside from utter humiliation, and the early onset of social anxiety, only my ego was permanently damaged that day, although I did become quite loopy from the immense amount of blood loss I suffered through my nose.


Needless to say, that was the end of my athletic career. Instead, I chose a more gentle way to express myself and it was in the form of art. Ever since I was little I have loved art.

I am a creative soul and express myself in creative ways. One of those ways, being a new-found love of photography. I discovered this passion when I had my daughter Hayvn. I finally had something I wanted to capture and remember forever, so I began my search to find the best camera for moms.

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DSLR Vs. Smartphone

Before I begin, I will first, address the elephant in the room. I get this question all the time, “I have a smartphone and it does the job, so why would I spend money on a camera? What’s the point?”

Okay, I don’t live under a rock, I know everyone and their brother has a smartphone, I have a smartphone, and I’ll admit the cameras are pretty impressive, but you just can’t beat the quality of a DSLR camera.

Here is a photo taken with my iPhone 8 Plus (Left) and a photo taken with my Nikon D3400 (Right). These photos were taken in the same spot in front of the same window but the lighting and quality are noticeably quite different.

If you haven’t already, I would definitely recommend looking into the difference in image quality and investing in a DSLR camera. Not only for photography purposes but for the sake of having a high-quality photo that will stand the test of time, and allow you to look back on with clarity and to really relive those precious moments.

If this photo doesn’t convince you, check out my post-DIY Newborn Photography to see how I took my own newborn photos and why I wish I had used a DSLR camera instead of my smartphone.

Upon realizing my smartphone just wasn’t going to cut it, I embarked on my search for an affordable alternative that would produce better quality photos. What I found was a tie between two cameras.

Canon Vs. Nikon

The best camera for moms is a tie between the Nikon D3400 and the Canon Rebel T6i. They not only fit the needs of mothers, but they are the best cameras for any beginner, and anyone wanting to learn the art of photography. They have similar price points and offer the same accessories. It really just comes down to preference on the brand.

The on-going debate between Cannon and Nikon is a tale as old as time. It’s like Apple vs. Android. Die-hard users of either brand will fight this to the death. Honestly, I shoot with Nikon, but I wouldn’t be opposed to owning a Cannon.


The reason why this is such a big decision is that once you choose your brand, you essentially invest in a system full of working parts and pieces,and switching can be quite expensive. Luckily for beginners, like me, I don’t have many parts or pieces and only have the standard package.

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When it comes to choosing between Nikon or Canon, it really just depends on personal preference, because in reality, they are both great cameras. Some photographers may prefer the coloring for the original straight-from-the-camera image, but let’s be honest, everyone uses Photoshop, or some type of photo editor, and rarely uses the original image taken straight from the camera.

The honest reason I chose Nikon over Canon is that my mom shoots with Nikon so I was more familiar with it. I personally don’t think you can go wrong with either brand.

For the purpose of this post, I will highlight the beginner cameras from both Nikon and Cannon and let you decide which best suits you from there.

Nikon D3400 Specs




Click here to get the Nikon D3400!

I don’t want to get too technical but I do want to highlight the important specs that define each camera. Here is what you can expect in terms of features and usage with the Nikon D3400:

  • Guide Mode– A mode equipped with instructional videos, with interactive lessons teaching you how to use the camera (this feature is unique to Nikon)
  • Bluetooth Connection– For quick upload of photos straight to your phone via Bluetooth, as opposed to Cannon WiFi connection feature (Bluetooth is slower than WiFi, but in turn uses less battery power to upload)
  • Battery Life– Averages 1200 shots on one battery charge, as opposed to Cannon 440 shots per battery charge
  • High Range ISO – Can shoot in lower light settings as opposed to Cannon

The Nikon D3400 is the exact camera I use to photograph my daughter and I couldn’t be happier with it.

It comes standard with educational videos built into the system to easily and thoroughly explain how to use it, and goes in-depth covering each mode and icon on the dial.

The reason why I love this camera is because of the low price point, the user-friendly interface, and the fact that it’s aimed towards beginners.

When I first started photographing, I literally had no clue what I was doing. All of my photos came out looking pretty rough, and I was starting to get frustrated.

Mommas, I’m gonna admit something that is extremely hard for me. I’m stubborn. Like my skull is 6 inches thick of rock hard concrete.

I bought the camera because of the instructional videos included for beginners. But being my stubborn self, i thought I would pick up the camera and just have a natural raw talent.

Once again my ego was bruised. But once I finally accepted the fact I wasn’t a natural born photography rockstar, I watched the videos and wow! I actually learned something!

Through watching the beginner videos, I learned so much and figured out answers to my problems such as why some photographs were darker or brighter than others.

These built-in videos are my personal favorite feature on this camera, and the sole reason I would recommend it, if you’re a novice in photographing.

Nikon D3400 Accessories (Starter Bundle)

Click here to get the Nikon D3400 Starter Bundle!

Price: $547 Amazon, $388 for camera & lens only

Aside from the videos, the camera comes with every accessory you could possibly need, including:Nikon-D3400

  • Two lenses 18-55mm, 70-300 mm (This package comes with an extra lens, which is a big deal because lenses aren’t cheap!)
  • 58″ Tripod
  • Cleaning kit
  • Remote
  • Camera bag for traveling
  • 64 GB memory card
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • Telephoto Lens Cover
  • Multiple lens covers for photo effects and filters
  • Flash attachment
  • Battery Charging Pack
  • 1 Battery
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Canon Rebel T6i Specs



Click here to get the Canon Rebel T6i!

The Canon Rebel T6i is the Cannons equivalent of the Nikon D3400. They are so similar, with a few minor adjustments, they might as well be the same camera. This is where the decision between the two simply comes down to personal preference and which one will best fit your needs.

Relative to the Nikon D3400, here is what you can expect in terms of features and usage with the Canon Rebel T6i:

  • WiFi Connection– Quickly upload to your phone via WiFi connection as opposed to Nikon Bluetooth connection (slower than WiFi)
  • Battery Life – Averages 440 shots per battery charge as opposed to 1200 shots with Nikon battery charge
  • Microphone Port– The Cannon has the option to connect a microphone for better sound quality in videos (this is unique to Cannon)

In terms of filming, the Cannon might win this contest between its opponent. The Cannon comes equipped with a connection for a microphone to improve sound quality for videos.

As moms, we love to capture our children in every aspect and videos are the perfect way to do this. If you’re big on home videos, I would recommend the Cannon over the Nikon. However, the microphone is not included in the starter bundle.

Canon Rebel T6i Accessories (Starter Bundle)

Click here to order the Canon Rebel T6i Starter Bundle

Price: $698 Amazon, $588 for camera & lens only


  • Two lenses 18-55mm, 75-300 mm (This package comes with an extra lens, which is a big deal because lenses aren’t cheap!)
  • 58″ Tripod
  • Cleaning kit
  • Remote
  • Telephoto lens Cover
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • Camera bag for traveling
  • 64 GB memory cards
  • Multiple lens covers for photo effects and filters
  • Flash attachment
  • Battery Charging Pack
  • 1 Battery & 2 Replacement Batteries
  • 12″ Handheld Tripod

And the Winner Is…

At the end of the day, both are great cameras. It’s hard for me to say which one is the best camera for moms. Personally, you already know my choice.

I went with the Nikon out of brand familiarity, but I will say between the battery life and the Guide mode, I am extremely happy with my choice. And depending on where you buy, the Nikon is almost $100 cheaper than the Cannon. Call me cheap but 100 bucks is 100 bucks!

On the other hand, if you’re willing to spend a little more in order to capture those precious moments on film, and like the idea of improved sound quality, and faster upload speed, the Canon would be the best option.

Cannon and Nikon are both great options, and you can’t go wrong with either one. And let’s face it, either one is better than a smartphone (haha). But in all seriousness, a DSLR camera will produce high-quality photos, even when the subject is a rowdy 9-month-old that doesn’t sit still for longer than 2 minutes.

The moments I’ve been able to capture since my daughter was born are priceless to me. I love my camera and would recommend a DSLR to any momma out there who wants to capture those precious moments of her sweet little ones.

I love hearing from my mommas! Do you have a digital camera? If so, do you prefer Nikon or Canon, or even a different brand? I love a good debate! So please leave any comments, tips, or personal experiences in the comments below!




  • Althea McIntyre

    So I really don’t know much about photography yet, I’m still learning, but I could definitely see the difference between both photos at the beginning of this blog. Great job.

  • Moa Emerell

    I bought a better camera for the same reason as you, my kid. And I have appreciated it so much. But I bought a used one and now it doesn’t work anymore. And I got another one coming. So, now I’m looking for a new one and since I don’t know that much about cameras I found this post very helpful.
    Do you have any tips on how to get the damn kids to sit still too? =)

    • Madysen

      First of all, congratulations! You gotta get that camera before that new baby is here momma! 😉

      These are by far the best entry-level cameras on the market. if you want quality pictures without the hassle of learning a complicated system, one of these are definitely for you!

      As far as getting the kids to sit still, I am still working on that, but you can bet, I’m not above bribing them for a good picture lol

  • Jen

    I love your comparison photos and your baby is adorable! I’ve been wanting to purchase a camera because quite frankly, those portrait fees are starting to add up. I wasn’t sure what kind of camera I should go with though because I just don’t know much about that stuff, but you gave some good insight on the two cameras you chose. I also think the Nikon could be a good choice and as you said, it is cheaper. Are these cameras easy to use for a beginner or do I need to take a class? Thanks for sharing.

    • Madysen

      Hi Jen!

      Yes, those fees are ridiculous if you ask me. Buying myself a camera is the best thing I ever did. I can do a home photoshoot of my baby whenever I want.

      To answer your question about taking a class, the Nikon actually has a built-in Guide mode that acts as a beginner class. It teaches you through interactive videos, where it guides you as you take photos and teaches you techniques through the photos you personally take.

      This feature was the main reason I bought this specific camera, and I have loved it. It helped me correct mistakes i didnt even know I was making.

  • Lauren

    Those middle school years are tough, even without being pelted by soccer balls! Sports were tough for me as well- I was more of the book nerd- but I did love the outdoors and that’s why I gravitated towards nature photography in high school.
    But I didn’t get my first DSLR Camera until after my daughter was born (seems to be a common theme, lol). I went with the canon for the video recording abilities. I will say, almost 10 years later, this camera is still rock solid and the video quality is still 100x better than any smartphone. I tell everyone it’s worth the investment, especially once you have little ones!

    • Madysen

      Yeah the middle school years were definitely not kind to me, so glad to be past hose haha.

      Thats funny, it does seem to be a common theme! There’s a reason new moms buy DSLR cameras, and of all my friends I know that own one, none of them regret buying one. In fact, they love their cameras, and so do I. I would be so sad without mine. It has captured the most beautiful photos of my daughter, and I can now look back on the memories. Thank you for stopping by!

  • Marius

    I loved your post Madysen, great and informative review. You are right these days phone cameras are pretty impressive and I have a great camera on my mobile phone which helps me to take pictures quickly so I don’t miss any moments, but If I want really professional pictures I have to use DSLR camera. But my camera is getting very old and I’m looking to buy a new one. I personally prefer Canon over Nikon, but you recommend Nikon and it seems like really good camera and it’s cheaper as well. However for me one of the most important things is video recording and according to your review, Canon does the job better. That’s a lot to think of, but I think I will choose Canon.
    Thank you for sharing this great post!

    • Madysen

      Hi Marius!

      It’s always nice to hear from a fellow photographer and to get their opinion. I have considered switching to Canon multiple times because people that use Canon just love it! Who knows maybe my next camera will be a Canon? 🙂

      I do love my Nikon though, but I know you can’t go wrong with either one.

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