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Teether Easers – The Best Toys For Teething

Momma’s, I’m about to get into one of the hardest aspects of being a parent, teething. Unfortunately, most parents can agree with me when I say the most I’ve ever struggled with being a momma (besides the month I went without sleep) is when Hayvn is teething. So if you’re a first-time mom, don’t let this scare you, but take heed and prepare yourself now, for when that time comes.

When Hayvn first started teething, it took me by surprise. My once happy, quiet, and smiley little girl had all of a sudden turned into a stage 5 clinger, full of inconsolable crying/screaming spells and was just an overall fuss-bucket that never slept.

The-Best-Toys-For-TeethingYou can imagine how distraught I was when all of a sudden this little baby of whom I was just barely becoming acquainted with, throws me a curveball and out of nowhere starts spiraling out of control. It actually wasn’t until her first tooth broke through that I realized what it was all about. Hind sight’s 20/20 right?

So don’t let this be you. My first piece of advice is to educate yourself on the signs of teething so you’re more aware of what to look for. My second piece of advice would be to stock up on some great teething toys to help with those sore and swollen gums.

Some days, the only things that got me through were Tylenol and teething toys. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some mommas out there that have babies who are great teethers, and one day a tooth just pops up. But for the majority, teething can be pretty rough. So anything you can do to ease your baby’s pain and discomfort will be very beneficial!

Which brings me to the best toys for teething. Here is a list of my personal favorite toys that Hayvn still uses when she’s teething. I even added a couple “honorable mention” toys which I will explain later. So keep reading to find out which toys will best suit your teething babe.

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The Best Toys For Teething

For this post, I have separated my list a little differently. I have split them up into groups based on the toys Hayvn loved and the toys she didn’t care for.

I thought it would be best to give you some more options as opposed to only listing toys that specifically worked for me and my daughter.

Every baby is different and they’re all drawn to different toys, so I will break down each teething toy in terms of which toys Hayvn loved and still plays with, and the toys which I bought but ultimately wasted my money on. I call these toys honorable mentions.

So let’s kick it off with the toys Hayvn loved while she was teething and still loves even now!

1. Sophie the Giraffe


Click here to buy this Sophie Giraffe!

Sophie is a rubber squeaky toy giraffe that is very popular among teething babies, and for good reason! This toy is soft, with a ribbed mane for added texture on sore gums.

Sophie the Giraffe is a classic that has been around for many years, there are also animals like KiKi the Elephant which Hayvn also has, but she definitely prefers her Sophie giraffe. Something about the squeaky sound every time she bites or chews on it, Hayvn just loves.

And let me just say I would definitely choose a squeaky sound over inconsolable crying and screaming any day.

2. The Nuby Silicone Teething Ring


Click here to buy this teething ring!

This ring never left Hayvn’s side while she was teething, the texture was perfect for her sore gums. Made of silicone with a patch of poky ribbed edges, this was Hayvn’s kryptonite. She would chew on it all day while she was teething.

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With the choice of three colors – pink, green or blue – the Nuby teething ring comes with a clear snap case, which makes traveling easy and keeps it free of dirt or hair. After all, silicone can tend to be sticky and attract all sorts or hair and debris, so I loved this little case. And although it is not dishwasher safe, I will also say this toy is extremely easy to clean.

3. A Rubber Bead Necklace


Click here to buy this necklace!

Although it is a necklace, I never actually placed this around Hayvn’s neck of course, but it does have a clasp that opens and closes, so I would place this over her car seat handle and she would pull on it and chew on it anytime we were in the car. It’s a great teething toy for traveling.

It’s also a great toy to have while you’re holding your baby. You can wear it as a necklace and let your baby play with it and chew on it to keep them entertained and soothed. This is a go-to teething toy in our household and they come in so many fun colors and styles. We love our teething necklace!

4. Teether Mittens


Click here to buy these teething mittens!

Mommas, teething rash is a real thing! And if you’ve never heard of it, I’m about to educate you. When a baby’s tooth starts to break through they begin to drool. A lot. Like a constant stream of saliva just constantly flows out of their mouth. They also like to chew, suck, and gnaw on anything and everything, especially their hands.

When Hayvn first started teething she loved sucking on her hands. So much so, that all that saliva flowing out of her mouth had caused the skin on her knuckles and hands to dry up, crack and blister. I tried everything to help heal her tiny little hands. I would put Aquaphor over her knuckles and place a loose baby mitten or sock over her hand, but this was to no avail because she would eventually end up pulling it off.The-Best-Toys-For-Teething

This problem went on for weeks until I found these teething mittens! Mommas, these mittens worked wonders! With an adjustable Velcro strap around the wrist, it was impossible for her to pull off. These mittens are also designed with a bumpy silicone edged that feels great on sore gums, and they’re BPA free! The rest of the mitten is made with fabric that crinkles when chewed on, that stimulates your babies senses as they grow and learn.

Needless to say, these mittens are stimulating to your baby as well as soothing to their gums, and my favorite they kept that teething rash at bay! Not to mention they are machine washable and keep germs away from those tiny hands as well – a huge bonus for a germ freak like me! These mittens were lifesavers to me!

5. Tinabless Fruit Teethers


Click here to buy these fruit teethers!

These little silicone fruit teethers come in a pack of 5 and are absolutely adorable! With all the fun colors and textures and a thin stem perfect for tiny hands to grip and hold, my daughter loves these little teething toys.

The great news is, they’re freezer and dishwasher safe as well as being free of BPA and PVC. These completely organic teether toys have tons of different textures not only on the top part of the fruit but also on the underside of the stem.

Honorable Mentions

As far as toys go, we all know there are toys that are home-runs, that our babies just love, and there are some toys that are misses and ultimately end up being a waste of money. These are some teething toys that I bought for my daughter, and yet she had no interest in them.

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However, I still wanted to place them in this list because like I said, all babies are different and they all like different toys. In fact, most of these toys that my daughter didn’t really like, were some of my niece’s favorites.

Mommas, you know your baby better than anyone. So, by listing these toys, I’m hoping to help you find something that your baby will absolutely love regardless of my personal experience or my daughter’s preference.

To be honest, there are some toys on this list (like the teething cupcake) that I absolutely loved and I was so sad when Hayvn didn’t love them as much as I did.

So without further ado, let’s get into what I like to call the “honorable mentions” teething toys.

6. Silicone Teething Cupcake


Click here to buy this teething cupcake!

I know kids that love these. My niece absolutely loves her and carries it with her everywhere, so of course, I thought “Oh Hayvn would love that!” So I bought her one and she wanted nothing to do with it. Don’t ask me why. All babies are different, and I guess this toy just didn’t float her boat.

But, if I had it my way, this would have been my first choice in teething toys simply because of the texture and how cute it is. It’s easy to hold, the texture is soft but chewy, perfect for any teething baby with the need to soothe sore gums.

It also comes in other shapes besides a cupcake. Shapes like an avocado, a pineapple, and a cactus. Who knows maybe she would have liked a different shape better? Turns out, she doesn’t have a sweet tooth like her momma.

7. Nuby Ice Teether Keys


Click here to buy these keys!

I bought these because I thought she would like the frozen silicone gel on her gums. However, she was never really drawn to these keys for teething. In fact, she never really played with them at all. Like I said, all kids are different but this was our experience. Hayvn has never shown any interest in them.

To me, I thought these would be one of the best toys for teething because of the freezable silicone gel. I thought that would be awesome on a baby’s swollen sore gums. But after watching my sweet Hayvn grow and develop over the last year, I have learned she isn’t a huge fan of extreme temperatures (for example her bottle is always luke-warm – not too hot or too cold) so I think this may be the reason she never liked these keys.

In fact, I know tons of baby’s that love a cold spoon or rag on their gums when they are teething, so for those babies, these keys would be perfect!

Teether Easers

So mommas, when it comes to teething, your poor little baby will most likely feel pretty miserable. To help combat those aching swollen gums, get your little teether some teething toys!

The toys on this list are all toys I specifically bought for Hayvn to help with her teething pains, and some are still toys that she uses and plays with even when she isn’t teething, so they were definitely money well spent.

In my opinion, these are the best toys for teething to help your little one overcome and combat the pain and discomfort. So learn from my mistakes mommas and learn the signs of teething as well as stocking up on teething toys so you’re ready as ever when your little one starts their teething journey.

Thanks for reading! Did you find this post helpful? Do you have any tips or tricks to soothe a teething baby? I would love to hear them! Please leave them in the comments below! Until next time!




  • CJ

    It must be so hard with teething babies going through that pain. I never heard of the teething mittens, they look like a great idea! The Tinabless Fruit Teethers look unique too. Our nephews loved the teether keys (though I’m not sure if they were freezable like these?) As you say, each baby’s different. Thanks for these helpful suggestions and tips, it’s not something I know much about.

    • Madysen

      Hi CJ!

      Yes, teething is a rough time in almost every parent’s life and it’s rough on the babies as well, these toys help with the pain and discomfort which also help the parents. My daughter loves cold things when she is teething, and so do many other babies, so the freezable keys are awesome, and the mittens are amazing for preventing teething rash. I’m glad you found this helpful, thanks for stopping by!

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