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    5 Things the Military Taught Me That Prepared Me For Motherhood

    Guest Feature By Willy Burden www.youareequipped.com My senior year in high school, I was faced with a decision: to go to a 4-year university or to join the military.  To make a long story short, I chose the latter.  Going off to the military seemed like the best choice for me because I wanted to get away from home, leave everything behind, and start on an adventure.  Besides, the Air Force recruiter convinced me to join because of all the military benefits. One that interested me the most was college tuition assistance.  Fast forward to September of 1997, I was shipped off to boot camp without any inclination of what…

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    How To Break Out Of A Rut – Surviving Mom Burnout

    We all know that life can be hard at times, and we all know that mom life can be brutal. Mommas, have you ever felt like you’ve been stretched so thin, yet you just aren’t doing enough? Between toddler tantrums, keeping the peace between sibling rivalry, finding healthy family meals and snacks, keeping the house clean and organized, finding the time to practice self care, getting back into shape, working on building and strengthening your marriage, maintaining a social life, drinking enough water, all while trying to keep your sanity, yeah it can be a lot. And sometimes it can be too much. This is mom burnout, and it’s a…

  • Letter-To-The-New-Mom
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    A Letter To The New Mom

    To the new mom, I know how you feel. Being a new mom myself, I know things can get overwhelming very quickly. Everything is new, you have just met your new little bundle of joy for the very first time, your body has gone through a major trauma, and that new bundle of joy cannot communicate anything to you, yet they depend solely on you to sustain life. Overwhelming is an understatement. Momma, I remember these feelings all too well. I remember the feeling of profuse joy and love that I felt when I first embraced my daughter after hours of labor. I remember the immense amount of fear that…

  • How-To-Help-A-Mother-After-A-Loss
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    How to Help a Mother After a Loss

      How to Help a Mother After a Loss By: Ashley Mitchell from the Happy Homeschooling Mum and the Irish Lily Doula There are a lot of things I have learned through my journey of being a mother of a stillborn baby and also as a baby loss doula for four years. Five years ago my daughter passed away at 25 weeks gestation, no rhyme or reason. Since that journey started I have done speaking engagements on one specific topic pertaining to this situation, How to Help a Mother after a Loss. There is no end to this for mothers like us. There is no ending period, we live with…

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    Baby Shower Game Ideas – Fun Ideas For A Co-ed Baby Shower

    Traditionally, baby showers were originally intended for women to gather and celebrate the pregnancy of another woman and welcome her into motherhood. Today, the more popular idea is to have co-ed baby showers that allow both mom and dad to celebrate with all their friends and spouses. Cue the groans and eye rolls from all the husbands at this point. This is typically the reaction you would expect from a man as his wife drags him to her friend’s baby shower. Am I right? Now I know, a baby shower isn’t top pick over watching a sports game, but don’t worry husbands, because I have provided the ultimate list of…

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    Stay Home Date Night Ideas – For After The Kids Go To Bed

    We hear it all the time and you see it everywhere: “Never stop dating your spouse.” There is so much truth and power to this statement, because it’s so easy to get caught up in the mundane routine of life, that we forget to take a breather and reconnect with our spouse. We are so busy living life and raising our families, that we lose touch with the butterflies and sparks we craved while in the dating phase. It’s so crucial to date your partner for so many reasons. It keeps intimacy in the relationship and helps you check in with the other person, not to mention it can be…

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    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – 8 Personalized Gifts For Mom

      Mother’s Day is such an important holiday, which is why it is recognized and celebrated worldwide each and every year. Every time Mother’s Day rolls around, I often find myself wondering, how can I ever thank my mom enough for the all the love, selflessness, and sacrifice she’s made? Finding a gift that encapsulates all the gratitude you feel towards your mom can often feel daunting and overwhelming, but with the help of this list, you’ll be able to give your mom the ultimate gift with a personal touch. Nothing shows you care more than adding a little sentimental customization. Giving a unique gift will show your mom you…

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    Kiara Sky Dip Powder – The Revolution of Nails

    Product: Kiara SkyDip Powder Price: $93.45 for Starter System Best Place to Buy: Amazon Personal Rating: 8.7 out of 10     What Is Dip Powder? Before I was married I would go to the nail salon every two weeks to get my acrylics fixed and re-polished. I found that I was averaging a shocking $1200 a year, only on my nails! Now, call me cheap, but that’s a lot of money spent on fingertips. Upon realizing that this habit wasn’t sufficient on a newlywed budget, I decided to forego my bi-weekly salon trips. However, I wasn’t ready to give up the pretty nails. So, I started my search for…

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    Best Beauty Hacks Ever – 5 Lifesaving Tips for the Busy Mom

    I am a natural born woman, I like to feel pretty, feminine, and dainty all the time. Pregnancy was not this glowing feeling for me. In fact, I looked more like an overworked version of the Michelin Man who hadn’t slept in decades. During pregnancy, there comes a long list of do’s and don’t’s. Things like sunbathing and hair dye, bring everything into question. In order to keep my sanity, I needed to find ways to pamper myself that were both cost-efficient and safe for me and my baby. I know it may sound vain, but I like to look good so I can feel good. Who doesn’t like to…

  • Postpartum-Depression
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    Treating Postpartum Depression – My Story

      *Disclaimer:* This is my story dealing with Postpartum Depression. What worked for me, may not work for you. Postpartum depression is a very serious illness and should not be taken lightly. Please consult your doctor, before attempting to treat it on your own. Becoming a mother is my biggest and best accomplishment of my life and I have loved every minute of discovering the person my daughter is becoming. I wouldn’t trade being a mom for the world, however, there is a side to motherhood I was never expecting to experience. Mommas, I’m about to get real with you. When postpartum depression hits, it hits hard. I was 23…