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Infant Car Seat Review: Britax B-Safe 35


When it comes to choosing a car seat, I know from experience it can be really hard to know if you’re making the right choice. After all, it could be the single most important decision you make regarding your baby’s safety.

Mommas, let me tell you, the fear is real when it comes to your first car ride with your newborn baby. You know that drive home that every new mom anticipates when you first leave the hospital with your fragile little newborn.

I remember feeling so scared thinking about any time where I would have to drive anywhere with my new baby, it was enough to make me consider becoming a hermit, and never going anywhere I couldn’t walk to. But all my fears were put to rest the moment the Britax B-Safe 35 car seat showed up on my doorstep (thank you Amazon Prime).Britax-B-Safe-35

Let me tell you, I have never been more confident in a decision in my life, and with a decision as important as this one, trust me, you want to have confidence in the seat you choose.

To ensure you with that confidence, I will go in depth as I cover everything you need to know about the Britax B-Safe 35 car seat. From all the safety features to the innovative technology and most importantly what makes it the safest car seat on the market.

Keep reading to find out why this car seat is the leading infant car seat and why Britax has been the leading brand for years.

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Britax B-Safe 35 Overview

Britax is known for its safety and the Britax B-Safe 35 in particular, is highly regarded by the federal agencies that specifically test the safety of infant car seats.

This car seat is unique because of innovative technologies as well as its attractive and easy to use design. The safety features on this seat cannot be matched, so you can rest assured that your baby will have the ultimate protection when traveling in this car seat.

Base & Carrier

Britax-B-Safe-35The most important thing when designing a safe car seat is to first make sure that the measurements are properly sized to cradle and protect an infant in the event of a car crash. That being said, the heavier, and more durable the better.

Infant car seats come with two separate parts, a base, and the carrier. The base is the piece that is secured and locked in with a seat belt and holds the carrier securely while driving. The carrier locks in with a distinct clicking noise for reassurance of proper installation and cannot be unlatched without pulling the release button located on the top back of the carrier.

In order to provide safety combined with ease of use, Britax designed the base to be heavy and the carrier to be lighter for mommas carrying their baby to and from the car.


This car seat is designed to hold infants weighing 4 to 35 pounds and the maximum height for an infant to ride is no more than 32 inches tall.

Weight & Measurements

  • The base weights 20 pounds
  • The carrier weighs 10 pounds
  • The base is 14 inches wide (very compact)
  • The widest part of the carrier spans 18 inches
  • Overall length of carrier is 26 inches

Overall, this seat is very compact with a deep cradle for extra protection for your baby.

I love how compact this car seat is because I find that I can get through smaller spaces when navigating a crowd and I have more room in the back seat of my car.

Safety Features

Obviously, the most important factor that goes into choosing an infant car seat is safety. It’s plain and simple you want your baby to be protected and make it from point A to point B as safely as possible.


Well, with Britax, you can rest assured that any car seat you choose will be extremely safe. In particular, the B-Safe 35 model has extraordinary safety features including:

  1. Push Button LATCH for ensuring secure installation, which excels federal safety standards
  2. Level to ensure car seat is in the proper position
  3. Energy absorbing base
  4. Steel reinforcement through the entire base
  5. Overextended canopy for sun protection
  6. Impact-resistant foam throughout the inside of carrier
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The brilliant design of their LATCH system goes above and beyond federal safety guidelines. Along with securing the base with a seat belt, you can also use the push button latches located on either side of the base to securely fasten the base in place using metal hooks which come standard in most cars. To release the latch simply push the red button (like a seat belt) and it comes free.

Most of these other safety features fall under the innovative technology that is patented and specific to Britax. It’s an important and defining safety feature that sets Britax apart from other car seat brands and companies, its the use of something called SafeCell technology, which can’t be matched when it comes to protecting your baby.

SafeCell Technology


When it comes to safety, there is no question that Britax dominates when it comes to infant car seats. They are the leading brand for safety and have been for years. This is due to a feature specific to Britax called SafeCell technology.

SafeCell technology is a safety feature specific to Britax that allows for maximum safety and security for your baby. This technology is utilized in several different ways through the car seat and base.

Car Seat

SafeCell technology is utilized in the car seat itself with an extra deep cradle which allows the walls of the car seat to come up over your baby, providing more protection than any other car seat. Along with the deep cradle of the seat, the walls and headrest are padded with a foam insert that allows for protection during impact, in the case of a crash.


Britax-B-Safe-35Most of the safe cell technology is utilized through the base of the car seat, the part of the seat that is belted into the car, that the seat itself latches into.

There are two ways that the Safe Cell technology is incorporated into the base. The first is through shock absorbent cushions located on both sides of the base, just under the seat. These cushions are designed to compress in the event of the crash, drawing all energy and contact away from your baby and into the base, to help avoid harm or injury to your baby.

The second is through a steel bar which holds the car seat to the base as well as steel reinforcements throughout the entire base, providing immense strength and protection in the event of a car crash.

This SafeCell technology is patented and specific only to Britax, making it unmatchable in terms of safety. 

Pros & Cons


Safety – I feel like this goes without saying, because if you haven’t realized yet that this is the safest car seat you could buy, then you probably never will. But I will say it again. Mommas this car seat is extremely safe! And what more could you want out of a car seat than safety?


I mentioned earlier that this car seat not only meets the federal safety standards, it exceeds them. If you want to have confidence in knowing your baby is traveling as safely as possible, you will get this car seat.

Ease of Use – Along with the amazing safety features and innovative technologies, this car seat is extremely easy to use and install. With a built-in level on the base, I can know full well that my baby’s car seat is installed properly, and if the level isn’t centered, the readjustment process is even easier. With the push of a button, I can adjust the height and position of the car seat until the level is center, knowing it is properly installed.

It’s also extremely easy to know if the car seat is locked into the base by the distinct clicking noise that sounds when the base and seat have properly locked together.

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Design – Mommas I love the design of this seat not only for safety reasons but also for the ease of use. This “pro” sort of combines the two previous “pros” because due to the design I can easily install and disengage the seat from its base. I can also use the sun canopy while carrying the car seat due to the genius design.

With most other car seats, you will find that the sun canopy will rub or interfere with the handle if it is in the upright position, with the Britax b-Safe 35 they don’t even come close, so you can carry your baby while still protecting them from the sun.

Another reason I love the design is simply due to the deep cradle and high walls of the carrier, it gives me extra reassurance that my baby is that much safer.

No Base Needed – Something else that is unique to the Britax B-Safe 35 design is the fact that you can travel with the carrier without using a base and the seat will stay level and safe. Most other car seats aren’t capable of safely traveling without a base. The Britax B-Safe 35 is designed with hooks on each side of the carrier, specifically for the seatbelt to hold it securely in the correct position, ensuring safety while driving, even without the base.


Too Heavy – I struggled with even putting this in the “cons” list because it contradicts the exact reason why I love this car seat, but for the sake of being completely honest, this is my only complaint. This carrier is heavier than most other car seats, which can definitely be a pain when I have to lug my baby around, however, this is one of the major reasons as to why this car seat is so safe.

So in reality, the weight really isn’t a con when it comes to my baby’s safety. I would lug around an extra 10 pounds any day if it means my baby is safer.

Traps Heat – One thing I will say about this car seat is that it is a major heat trap when my daughter rides in this seat for extended periods of time, I have noticed that she gets sweaty and hot. I think this is maybe because of the deep cradle design. The high walls may interrupt airflow.

*Bonus tip – if your car is like mine, and lacks rear air vents, you can buy this portable battery operated fan that attaches to the car seat headrest. I have one in my car and it has been a lifesaver during those hot summer months!


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Rating & Review

Overall, I give this car seat a 10 out of 10 simply because when it comes to the safety of my child, that’s all that matters. Earlier, I listed some cons to this car seat, so you’re probably thinking, how could you possibly give this seat a 10 out of 10 if it has cons?

The answer, for me, is simple, those cons such as the seat being too heavy or trapping heat, are necessary for the safety of this car seat. To me, this is a small and easy price to pay to ensure the utmost safety for my baby when traveling.

With the incredible use of innovative technology such as the patented SafeCell features, Britax is regarded as the leading brand of infant car seats. Like I said, when choosing a car seat, the most important factor that goes into this decision is safety.

So, I confidently and fairly give the Britax B-Safe 35 car seat a 10 out of 10 rating because it gives me reassurance and safety regarding my child’s life which is ultimately priceless.

Did you find this review helpful? I would love to hear from you! If you have any questions, comments, or personal experience with this car seat, please leave them in the comments below!




  • Nate

    This car seat seems to be the cream of the crop as they say. I am in my 50s and I do not remember ever seeing such safety and luxury when I was a child. You gave a great review and definitely made it easy on any of us who is in the market for a car seat.

    I can see there are a couple of cons but the pros are well worth the cost. I think what I like most about this car seat is its safety features and how compact it is. It may be heavier than we would like but to me it makes up for that with the assurance of its safety for our little one.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Madysen

      Hi Nate!
      You are exactly right, this car seat is the cream of the crop! I have peace of mind every time I leave the house with my little babe, because I know she’s as safe as she can be thanks to the Britax B-Safe 35. And the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Thanks so much for stopping by I appreciate your comment:)

  • CJ

    Excellent! I’ve heard great things about Britax. Just looking at it, it certainly looks secure and comfy. The SafeCell technology is very reassuring. Safety is paramount, and I’m okay with some extra weight if it means better safety (I’ll just treat it as part of my strength training)! You’ve given us a great analysis of this infant car seat, thank you. It gives me more confidence.

    • Madysen

      Hi CJ!
      You just can’t beat the safety of Britax, especially with their SafeCell technology. I absolutely love my car seat and will never have another brand. I feel so safe and have so much peace of mind when I travel with my baby, and it’s definitely worth the extra couple of pounds just to know she’s safe. And like you said – it’s great strength training haha! I am glad you found this review helpful, thanks for reading!:)

  • Lynn C

    It’s a great looking car seat – they certainly didn’t have these when my son was born 34 years ago! It’s good that you give a review on both the pros and the cons and if I had my time again I’d love this seat. The weight wouldn’t be a problem as I would more than likely leave it in my car once it was fitted.

    • Madysen

      Hi Lynn!

      You’re absolutely right, the weight of the car seat would be irrelevant to anyone who leaves the car seat in their car. I love my Britax B-Safe car seat, and I love how much peace of mind it gives me. Just knowing my daughter is safe is priceless. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Robert

    Amazing car seat review Madysen, I was looking for a good and reliable car seat for my baby and I’m so glad I came across your article. When we are talking about car seat I’m same as you and most important thing for me is my baby safety and Britax B-safe 35 car seat seams like a great choice. The safecell technology seems really great and I’m sure my little one will be safe in this car seat. Also I think that this seat looks really well and fashionable. I like that you gave as some cons, but considering advantages of this baby seat I don’t think that these cons arevery important, especially if my car has rear vents, which should keep my baby cool. Thanks for this great review, I will definetly consider of buying this car seat.

    • Madysen

      Hi Robert!

      Thanks for reading, this car seat is as safe as you can get especially with the safecell technology. It’s truly amazon and the sense of peace that comes with that safety is priceless. You wont regret buying this car seat!

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