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Father’s Day Gift Ideas – 8 Personal Gifts For Dad



Alright, mommas, it’s that time of year again, Father’s Day is just around the corner! It’s a day dedicated to our amazing father’s, a much-needed and well-deserved holiday, but sometimes, it can also be a problematic one.

Ladies, I don’t know about you, but my husband is literally the hardest man to shop for because if he needs something, he just goes out and gets it!

So, if your man’s like this, or you just simply have no clue what to get for him, keep reading. I have compiled the ultimate list of personal gifts for dad. You can’t go wrong with a unique gift, that’s customized specifically for your dad or your man. Nothing says “I love and appreciate you” more than some personalization, am I right?

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

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#1 – Engraved Leather Wallet


Click here to buy this leather wallet!

Has your dad or husband been carrying around the same wallet for 15 years? This was the case for my dad, and it was definitely time for an upgrade, I knew I wanted to get him a new wallet, but I wanted to add a little personal touch to it.

This is a timeless gift that you just can’t go wrong getting any dad. I got one of these for my dad last Christmas with his initials engraved and he loves it! I would recommend this gift 10 times out of 10. The fact that its real leather means it will last and wear very nicely.

#2 – Engraved Tools


Click here to buy this hammer!

When I think of my dad, I think of tools. And when I think of tools, I think of my dad. They’re kind of one of those combinations that just go hand-in-hand, like peanut butter and jelly.

That being said, what better gift to get your dad than a new set of tools, or even just a tool, (like a hammer) but with a personal touch added to it? Upon checkout, you have the option to choose from 6 different engravings. Or there is another option to write your own note or saying from scratch. Click here for that option.

To me, this gift seems perfect. It’s both useful and a keepsake with a personalized note engraved on the handle. Labeled as an Amazon Best Seller, you can’t go wrong with this personal gift for dad.

#3 – Engraved Watch


Click here to buy this watch!

My husband loves watches. So, my go-to gift for him is a watch. In fact, that was his birthday present this year. I wish I had known about this gift then because I could have made it even more personal.

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These watches have the option to write a little note, that will be engraved on the back of the watch face. You can choose from templates, or you can completely customize and write your own note or saying.

You also have the option to choose your watch face color as well as your wrist band color. So, basically, everything on this watch comes with options. Doesn’t get much more personal than that!

I love this idea because it means he can wear his watch all day knowing that there’s a little love note engraved on the back that no one else can see. Only we will know it’s there.

This watch is a great option for any trendy dads or husbands out there!

#4 – Engraved Custom Organizer


Click here to buy this organizer!

This gift is great for any guy, because let’s be honest, most of them need a little help in the organization department. I actually got this gift for my father-in-law this Christmas and it was a huge hit!

The text is customizable and you can choose from 7 different types of woods. On top of wood options, there are also design and font options where you can choose how the custom display will look on your personalized organizer. There is also a slot for a phone charger, wallet, keys, loose change, and any other small trinkets dad might need to stow somewhere.

With this organizer, he has enough room for everything he would otherwise set on the counter. My mother-in-law especially loved this gift because it helps keep things clean and in one collective space.

This gift is one that any dad (and their wife) will be sure to love!

#5 – Personalized BBQ Grill Set


Click here to buy this BBQ grill set!

It’s safe to say a lot of dads like to BBQ, it’s just a manly thing to do. So why not get them a customized BBQ grill set?

This last Christmas, my husband and I debated between getting this for his dad, or the custom organizer. We were so torn because his dad loves to grill and smoke meat, so this gift would have been perfect!

We ultimately decided to go with the organizer, because at the time it was more fitting. It was winter, so the snow kept him from grilling outside as much. But, now that it’s June and BBQ season is here, this is the perfect Father’s day gift, and it comes with a personal touch of course.

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This BBQ grill set comes with:

  • A solid bamboo case with engraving options
  • Spatula
  • BBQ Fork
  • Tongs
  • Basting Brush

This is the ultimate gift for any barbecuing dads out there.

#6 – Customized Thermal Tumbler


Click here to buy this thermal tumbler!

I love the gift idea of a thermal tumbler and to personalize it? Even better. My dad takes his thermal cup everywhere and so does my husband. It’s the perfect gift, because we all know, dads love their drinks.

This 30 oz. thermal tumbler comes with so many options including font and color choices and even the option to add a reusable metal straw (the straw does cost a little extra).

Get your dad a customized thermal tumbler for these upcoming summer months to keep his drink cool, and he will love it forever!

#7 – Fart Candle


Click here to buy this candle!

This one made me laugh. It may be a little too personal but this candle is perfect for any man and it’s sure to make him laugh!

The candle itself comes with a choice between 8 different scents and the label on the outside simply reads “Light when dad farts.”

This is not as sentimental as the other gifts on this list. It’s more of a gag gift, but like I said, it’s sure to make him laugh.

#8 – Engraved Pocket Knife


Click here to buy this pocket knife!

Do you have a dad in your life that’s a man’s man? Well, this is the gift for him! I love the idea of my husband having a pocket knife, simply for safety reasons. So I loved this gift idea!

I mean, why didn’t I think of this? Every dad can use a pocket knife, it’s simple and inexpensive, yet still personal. It’s perfect!

Rated as an Amazon Best Seller, this knife is the perfect gift for any dad! You can engrave it with whatever you want it to say. You could engrave a little note, or you could engrave their initials. That’s the beauty of these personal gifts for dad, they can be whatever you want them to be.

Just For Dad

Everyone knows a father in their life that goes above and beyond for his family. Make this a day for him to remember and show him how much you love and appreciate all he does with a personal gift. Nothing shows that you care, like a custom gift with a personalized touch.

Thanks for reading! Did you find these gift ideas helpful? I would love to hear from you! If you have any other gift ideas that didn’t make it on this list, please leave them in the comments below.




  • Bryan

    Wow! What a great site! I’m sooooooooooo sharing this site with my wife. As you know, a “hint! hint! wink! wink!” I think you’ve nailed the Father’s Day gifts across multiple genres. I’d venture to say you’ve provided a gift idea of almost any father’s interests.

    Your post is well structured and it gives just the right about of details and information to help a visitor make a decision!

    Best of luck to you!


    • Madysen

      hi Bryan!

      Yes pass it along to your wife and drop those hints haha!! I’m glad you were able to find things you liked on this list. I tried to find gifts that were personal but applied to dads of every kind! Thanks for stopping by and have a happy Father’s Day!

  • Ma

    These are great tips! I find it so difficult to shop for men…! I particularly like the Engraved Custom Organizer – my boyfriend leaves everything everywhere: his watch, keys, mobile, etc… This will be a great gift for him (and for me as well! our home will definitely look more tidy 😉 ) Thanks!

    • Madysen

      Hi Ma!
      This comment made me laugh! I swear this gift is almost better for the significant other 😉 it helps our men tidy up a little. But I’m sure he will love it too! Thanks for stopping by! I hope he likes his new organizer!

  • Andrey

    Dear Madysen.
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. I love all of these ideas, but I especially love the watch. I can’t wait to show this to my wife. Thank you for this great post! Awesome ideas!

    • Madysen

      Hi Andrey!

      I’m so glad you loved this post. And I agree the watch is one of my personal favorites! My husband may just be getting one for Father’s Day 😉

  • Sharon

    My husband is all about tools so the hammer or pocket knife would be ideal. I am always looking for gift ideas for him and he would love getting a personalized gift from his kids. You did a great job picking out gifts that covers all kinds of dads. Great article!

    • Madysen

      Hi Sharon!

      I’m so glad you were able to find a gift that’s a perfect fit for your husband! I tried to cover the entire spectrum. So hopefully there are gifts for every kind of dad out there. Thanks for reading!

  • Ann

    Hi Madysen,

    Isn’t it funny that guys seem to like it when their name is on things? I guess that’s why it was always easy to get gifts for my father because all I needed to do was put his name on it lol. That being said, my father is now ill and he cannot do all the outdoorsy stuff anymore but looking at this made me kinda nostalgic when I was younger and he could still move around a lot. Maybe when I get a boyfriend I can use some of your ideas haha.

    • Madysen

      Hi Ann!

      I’m sorry to hear about your father, I hope you are at least able to spend Father’s Day with him because in all reality, time is the best gift you can give someone.
      But like you said, men love their name on things! That’s why these are all great gifts for any dad (or boyfriend lol)! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Patricia Robb

    I love these ideas you’ve shared for Father’s Day. Great job. I also like what your website represents too. Great work in sharing helpful information and your love for what you do.

    • Madysen

      Hi Patricia!

      Thank you so much for your kind words, that means so much to me. I put my heart into every post I write and I’m glad it shows. Thanks for reading!

  • Jen

    This is awesome!!! I absolutely love the idea of the fart candle. That is hilarious and I think my husband will really get a kick out of this. You have some great ideas here for father’s day gifts, It really took the thinking away from me because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to get him this year. Thanks so much for sharing. I will definitely be getting that candle and after dinner I will give it to him. I’ll share this with some of my mom friends as well.

    • Madysen

      Hi Jen!

      Lol the fart candle is hilarious, I laughed so hard when I came across it, my dad would laugh if he got this! It’s a fun way to tease your dad because we all know dads can be quite the pranksters themselves, so it’s time to get him back a little bit, with a gift like this one. I appreciate you sharing this post! Have a Happy Father’s Day!

  • CJ

    Great ideas, men can be so hard to buy for! I love that these suggestions have a personalized touch. The wallets a great idea, and so appropriate because men do tend to carry them around forever (until they’re hanging together by a thread in my dad’s case)! The BBQ grill set looks perfect for my hubby, will definitely check that out. The fart candle had me in stitches! I can think of many dads that’ll like that one! Thanks for these awesome suggestions.

    • Madysen

      Hi CJ!

      Haha why is it that dads just hang on to their wallets til they turn to dust? Lol my dads was looking really sorry before I got him his new one. I love the idea of the BBQ grill set, its such a great gift that they can use! Thanks for reading! Im glad you fuond this helpful 🙂

  • Marius

    Thank you for sharing this article Madysen, I loved your previous article about Ideas for Mother’s day, it helped me a lot to chose a gift for my mom and know I’m happy that I came across this article about Ideas for father’s day. As always you gave us so many great ideas on what to get for father’s day! I love this personalized wallet and it’s definitely my favorite gist so far, especially as my dad’s wallet is very old and not in the best shape anymore 🙂
    Engraved tools are an amazing idea too and my father would love them because my dad does lots of work around the house. Thank you again for such amazing ideas and for helping me to find a great gift for father’s day!

    • Madysen

      Hi Marius!
      Nice to hear from you again, I’m glad you liked the Mother’s Day post and Im glad you liked this one too. Im so happy you were able to find some gift ideas for your parents! I appreciate you reading! Thanks for stopping by :)And have a Happy Father’s Day!

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