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    Shopping Cart Cover For Baby – Is It Necessary?

    When it comes to public places, its to be that germs are lurking everywhere. Before having a baby, I was somewhat germ conscious, but nothing like I am now. As a parent, you quickly realize that every public place is a breeding ground for germs. Naturally, it is our instinct to protect our little ones from anything dangerous or potentially harmful. Which is the reason we jump to cover their face as soon as someone coughs nearby or the reason we request that new visitors wash their hands before holding them. These are all obvious health hazards in terms of germs, but what we often fail to realize is that…

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    Best Camera For Moms – Capture Those Precious Moments

      I am not blessed with the gift of athleticism. In fact, in the peak of my awkwardness, in middle school, my lack of agility was highlighted when I missed the memo of a soccer ball being launched down the field and towards my face, at an incredible rate of speed. My more agile peers quickly moved out of the way, leaving me in the direct line of fire, allowing the ball to flatten against my face, on impact. Aside from utter humiliation, and the early onset of social anxiety, only my ego was permanently damaged that day, although I did become quite loopy from the immense amount of blood…

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    DIY Newborn Photography – Tips For Photographing Like A Pro

    Living in the social media era, pictures are more prominent than ever. If you’re a millennial momma like me, I’m sure you’ve done your research on your local photographers, and I’m sure your eyes popped out of your head when you saw the price-tag for a one-hour session. I’ll be honest, I have friends in the photography industry, and I can’t believe the prices they charge for even a mini session! Needless to say, I’m a momma on a budget, so as always, I got resourceful when it came to newborn photos. Being on a budget doesn’t have to mean you go without. After all, we live in the social…

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    Newborn Baby’s First Day Home-Top 5 Must Have Items

      Once your baby arrives and your hospital stay is coming to an end, reality sets in that you are responsible for this tiny, fragile, human. Prior to this you could barely keep the succulents in the kitchen windowsill alive, and now you’re the sole caregiver and provider for a living breathing human? Breathe. Don’t panic. You’ve got this. And if you’re reading this, you have me to guide you through it. Now, I am definitely no expert, but I have taken first-hand experience from my own newborn baby’s first day home, and have come up with a list of the five most important items to have ready at your…