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DIY Eyebrow Tint – Save Time & Money On Your Morning Routine


DIY-Eyebrow-TintProduct: Godefroy Professional Eyebrow Tint Kit

Price: $10.23 (4 pack starter kit), $15.50 – $21.95 (price varies depending on tint color)

Where to buy: Amazon

Personal Rating: 9.8 out of 10

Change Your Brow Game Forever

Mommas, tell me if this sounds familiar. You wake up in the morning, crawl out of bed and walk into your baby’s room. With your eyes half shut, you pull them out of bed and drag yourself downstairs to feed them breakfast. Once they’re fed and happy, you make your way back upstairs to give them their morning bath.

Now fed and dressed, it’s already time for a nap (yay!), which means you finally have some time for yourself. You turn to the mirror and catch a glimpse of yourself for the first time and jump back in horror. Upon your heart rate returning to normal, you remember that before bed last night, you washed your face (or maybe you didn’t- no shame). Regardless, the beautifully drawn on eyebrows you had the day before, are now gone, and the daunting process of drawing them on again begins.

Now, if this sounds familiar at all, and you’re anything like me, this can easily take 10+ minutes of your precious “me” time (on a good day). This became a part of my morning routine that I quickly grew to dread. Until, I found an easy DIY eyebrow tint kit, that changed my eyebrow game forever.

Ditch the Blade!

I have always been a little hesitant when it comes to microblading. Don’t get me wrong, I think if it’s done correctly it can look amazing, I simply have commitment issues, when it comes to semi-permanent ink on my face, plus I’m cheap.

I’ll be honest, I have looked into microblading a couple of times, but I can’t justify the enormous price tag, and aside from money, I just know I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Microblading wasn’t an option for me, but I also knew I couldn’t keep putting 10-20 minutes into drawing on eyebrows every day for the rest of my life. So, I got resourceful and started looking for a good middle ground. That’s when I found the Godefroy Professional Tint Kit. It allows you to have beautiful looking eyebrows without the everyday hassle of drawing them on, or the lifetime commitment of a face tattoo.

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Nothing feels more endless than sitting in front of a mirror drawing on eyebrows, and nothing says committed like a tattoo on your face. Forget that kind of commitment and don’t drain your savings on eyebrows! Say goodbye to the pencil and ditch the blade! Say hello, to DIY eyebrow tint.

The Godefroy Professional Tint Kit – How It Works

DIY-Eyebrow-TintThe Godefroy Professional Tint Kit comes with 4 different tools designed to help with tinting your brows:

  • Small bowl for mixing
  • Brush (or wooden mixing sticks depending on the kit)
  • Powder Dye Capsules (quantity depends on the kit your order)
  • Creme Developer

I have blonde hair so I went with the lightest tint they had, light brown. Upon opening the kit, I found an easy-to-read instruction guide.

  1. In the mixing bowl provided, add 1/4 tsp creme developer
  2. Break open 1 powder capsule into mixing bowl with creme developer
  3. Using wooden utensil, combine both powder and creme to create tinting dye
  4. Place the dye on your eyebrow over the desired area, where you would like more color and definition (skin included)

It also lays out the instructions for each level of tint, according to the tone you desire, ranging from light to dark. For a relatively light tint, it recommends leaving the mixture on for 1 minute, so I decided to keep my mixture on for 2 and get a slightly darker tint.

For mommas with very light hair I would recommend leaving the treatment on for 30 seconds, and if that’s too light, apply the treatment once again an hour later, and leave it on for 30 more seconds.

After 2 minutes, I used a wet cloth to gently wipe off the dye (this tint will stain anything it touches, including skin, so be sure to use an old rag), and what happened next, was magic! The eyebrows I had, before the tint was placed, looked non-existent due to my white-blonde hairs. With help from the tint, my eyebrows now look naturally full and shaped.

Before & After 2 minutes of tint processing. The lower image is my eyebrow after wiping away the dye and washing my face.

Not only is this DIY eyebrow tint so easy to use, but the best part is, it lasts up to 4 weeks! It’s the perfect middle ground between pencil and blade. Now, instead of taking 10-20 minutes of my precious alone time to draw on eyebrows, I can spend 5 minutes once a month, and save money!

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The Proof is in The Eyebrows

When I first wiped the dye off my eyebrows, what was revealed to me was the most amazing sight. I couldn’t believe how well this tint kit worked! I had strategically placed the tint over my blonde hairs at the point of the arch.

There is also a space where I have no hair, so I placed a little dye on my skin as well to create the essence of a beautifully sculpted arch.

At first, I was skeptical that this dye would even work, let alone last for a month (as promised by the company). But through each passing day, and every shower and makeup wipe, this tint stood the test of time. I will say that it lasts longer, the less I exfoliate the area when cleansing, but that is to be expected with any dye.

This photo was taken 10 days after using the treatment. As you can see the dye is still clearly dark on the eyebrow hairs, but has since faded from my skin.

As far as dying your skin, the tint lasts about 10-12 days. To solve this problem I use this brow filling pencil to fill in the part of my skin, where the tint has faded. Although I still use a pencil, I don’t spend longer than 1 minute filling in the skin above my arch. I still save a colossal amount of time.

Results & Options!

Aside from the great results, I love this company because they give you options, and who doesn’t love that? (fear of commitment remember). When doing my research, I was looking for a product that would give me the color I wanted, and achieve that without spending an arm and a leg.

Godefroy Eyebrow Tint provides you with many kit options including the quantity of treatments, which therefore provides you with different pricing options, and the thing I like best is that it’s not a one size fits all. Although I purchased a tint kit specifically for light brown, there were still more options in tint richness. They have designated times for the developer to determine tint color ranging from light to dark.

This DIY eyebrow tint is the best thing I could have ever done for my eyebrows and my sanity!

I hope you found this review useful. What product(s) has changed your morning routine?  I love hearing from my Mommas, so please feel free to leave any questions, comments, or recommendations below!



  • Amy

    I am so scared of messing with my eyebrows myself as I’ve seen it go horribly wrong before, but I have to admit that yours look fab! I’ll definitely give the Godefrey professional tint kit a look. I am very pale and fair – do you think one minute would be too long or stick to the one minute recommendation?!

    • Madysen

      Thank you! I know it’s scary to mess with ANY part of your face, I mean, it’s your face for crying out loud! But the great news with this product is, it’s very forgiving if you do it the right way. I recommend starting off by leaving the dye on for no longer than 30 seconds, you can always go darker, but you can’t go lighter.

      So in your case with lighter hair, I would start with 30 seconds, and if thats too light, I would then come back in an hour and place the dye on for another 30 seconds. Repeat this process of 30 second intervals every hour until you achieve the desired result.

      Hope this helps!


  • CJ

    You’ve convinced me, this product sounds awesome! I was thinking I’d have to forego fixing my eyebrows once bubs is here (and get used to jumping at my reflection lol). Do you think it’s alright to use during pregnancy too? I’m so glad I read this, thanks for the review 🙂

    • Madysen

      Hi CJ!

      As for any dye or chemical, I would consult your doctor before using if you are pregnant. However, I will say that there was little to no odor when mixing the dye.

      But once your little one is here I would definitely recommend this because it as saved me so much time!

      Thank you!


  • Kisha Russell

    This is awesome! This is something I’ve always wanted to try, but I’ve been afraid I’d end up looking like Anthony Davis because of some mishap with the dye! The way you explain how this works, is so simple and very doable! Thank you!

    • Madysen

      Oh my gosh! That Anthony Davis visual made me laugh out loud! 🤣 If you’re scared of a mishap with dye, a great tip would be to use petroleum jelly and line the parts of your skin where you don’t want the dye touching. This will create a barrier to prevent the dye from staining any unwanted areas. As far as this kit, I found it very easy to use and, being my clumsy self, I surprisingly had no problem with keeping the dye clean and within the desired areas I was trying to color.

      Hope this helps! Here’s to beautiful brows!


  • jen

    I need this in my life! My eyebrows are so thin even though they are dark brown I still need something that can darken them further without using a brow pencil every time I leave the house. This product you chose is awesome and your eyebrows look great so I think I need to give this a try. I’m guessing it’s simple enough, I’ve dyed my hair before so it can’t be much harder than that. Thanks so much for sharing this great review. I’m looking forward to my new eyebrows.

    • Madysen

      Hi Jen!

      Yes girl yes! Treat yourself with some of this. It is SO easy to use and if you’ve dyed your own hair, then you will be a pro at this. I had never even touched dye before this, yet my brows came out looking better than ever. The instructions are laid out in a user-friendly way and everything is explained in full detail. I am excited for you to give this product a try and to hear your feedback!

      Happy brow tinting!

  • Carolyn

    Wow, it looks amazing! I was justing thinking today that I am looking a bit more “mum” then I am comfortable with. I did a quick search and can’t find this product in Australia but you’ve inspired me to find something! Any other recommendations – let me know!

  • Madysen

    Hi Carolyn!

    Thank you! It really works wonders. So, I did some research and found the same brand, slightly different product, on Amazon, and put in an Australia address, and it said it would ship there! Here is a link to the product that ships to Australia!

    Godefroy Eyebrow Tint Kit

    Hope this helps!


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