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    Is It Teething Time? – Signs That A Baby Is Teething

    Teething is the dreaded period of parenting known for making parents, and babies I’m sure, want to pull their hair out. Though it’s not always a challenging process, for most families it is. It’s easy to imagine, it’s probably very unpleasant to cut a sharp tooth through sore and swollen gums, so it’s understandable that most of our babies experience pain and discomfort when it comes to teething. For this reason, it’s easy to see why they may act out and throw tantrums and fits that can be difficult for parents to deal with. However, like I said, for some babies, they break teeth like its nothing, and all of…

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    Teether Easers – The Best Toys For Teething

      Momma’s, I’m about to get into one of the hardest aspects of being a parent, teething. Unfortunately, most parents can agree with me when I say the most I’ve ever struggled with being a momma (besides the month I went without sleep) is when Hayvn is teething. So if you’re a first-time mom, don’t let this scare you, but take heed and prepare yourself now, for when that time comes. When Hayvn first started teething, it took me by surprise. My once happy, quiet, and smiley little girl had all of a sudden turned into a stage 5 clinger, full of inconsolable crying/screaming spells and was just an overall…