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    Flying With A Baby – Survive the Airport Like A Champ

    Okay mommas, let’s be honest, the thought of traveling anywhere alone with your baby can make anyone’s stomach sink. Let me tell you, the stress dreams and panic attacks were real last week as I prepared to fly alone with Hayvn for the second time. Yes, you heard me right this was my second time flying alone as a first-time mom, with my baby, who hasn’t even reached her first birthday. The first time I flew with her, was fairly easy seeing as she was two months old and wasn’t very mobile yet. But after watching her grow and develop into her own personality over the last 7 months, I…

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    Diaper Bag Checklist -Top 5 Items For Your Bottle-Fed Baby

      While I was expecting, I, like many other mommas had planned on breastfeeding my new baby. I loved the health benefits and my husband loved the idea of the money we could save on formula. However, once my baby was born I found breastfeeding to be extremely challenging. My baby had a great latch but did not know how to actually suck, she had a condition known as tongue thrust. Through valiant efforts, I decided to exclusively pump and feed her my breast milk through a bottle, which then caused my milk supply to eventually dry up. So, after two long months of struggling to feed my baby breast…