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    Healthy Toddler Meals – What My 1 Year Old Eats In A Week

    Let’s face it, one of the hardest parts of ‘adulting’ is meal planning. Trying to figure out meals for the week while trying to mix it up every now and then is truly one of my greatest struggles. Throw in an opinionated and very hungry toddler to the mix, and it’s a recipe for disaster – pun intended. The thought of Hayvn going off formula and transitioning to 3 meals a day was one of my worst nightmares as a new mom. I could barely plan healthy balanced meals for myself without getting stuck in a rut, and now I had to do it for someone else too? Well, if…

  • Prepare-For-Motherhood
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    5 Things the Military Taught Me That Prepared Me For Motherhood

    Guest Feature By Willy Burden www.youareequipped.com My senior year in high school, I was faced with a decision: to go to a 4-year university or to join the military.  To make a long story short, I chose the latter.  Going off to the military seemed like the best choice for me because I wanted to get away from home, leave everything behind, and start on an adventure.  Besides, the Air Force recruiter convinced me to join because of all the military benefits. One that interested me the most was college tuition assistance.  Fast forward to September of 1997, I was shipped off to boot camp without any inclination of what…

  • Letter-To-The-New-Mom
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    A Letter To The New Mom

    To the new mom, I know how you feel. Being a new mom myself, I know things can get overwhelming very quickly. Everything is new, you have just met your new little bundle of joy for the very first time, your body has gone through a major trauma, and that new bundle of joy cannot communicate anything to you, yet they depend solely on you to sustain life. Overwhelming is an understatement. Momma, I remember these feelings all too well. I remember the feeling of profuse joy and love that I felt when I first embraced my daughter after hours of labor. I remember the immense amount of fear that…

  • How-To-Baby-Proof-A-House

    How To Baby Proof A House – Room By Room

    When your baby becomes mobile, your life will completely change. Now that your baby is on the move, they will start to explore and become more curious. Curiosity is a great trait that babies have, it helps them learn and understand the world around them, but when it comes to exploring a house, there are many harmful and potentially life-threatening risks, that become more prominent. So, to avoid trips to the emergency room, take these precautions and keep reading to learn more on how to baby proof a house. Is Baby Proofing Necessary? You may look at your house and think, is baby proofing really necessary? The answer is yes,…

  • How-To-Treat-Baby-Eczema

    How To Treat Baby Eczema – Help Your Baby’s Skin

    As a first time mom, I panicked over everything. I’m not kidding when I say that I had her pediatrician’s number on speed dial. When I noticed Hayvn beginning to develop a rough and patchy rash that was spreading all over her skin, this was no exception. I called the pediatrician and they told me to monitor her temperature and to watch it closely and recommended I schedule an appointment to bring her in. Upon scheduling the appointment, I watched as her poor skin flared up and thought maybe her diapers were bothering her, seeing as the most severe spot, where the rash had started was her legs and her…

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    Is It Teething Time? – Signs That A Baby Is Teething

    Teething is the dreaded period of parenting known for making parents, and babies I’m sure, want to pull their hair out. Though it’s not always a challenging process, for most families it is. It’s easy to imagine, it’s probably very unpleasant to cut a sharp tooth through sore and swollen gums, so it’s understandable that most of our babies experience pain and discomfort when it comes to teething. For this reason, it’s easy to see why they may act out and throw tantrums and fits that can be difficult for parents to deal with. However, like I said, for some babies, they break teeth like its nothing, and all of…

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    Stay Home Date Night Ideas – For After The Kids Go To Bed

    We hear it all the time and you see it everywhere: “Never stop dating your spouse.” There is so much truth and power to this statement, because it’s so easy to get caught up in the mundane routine of life, that we forget to take a breather and reconnect with our spouse. We are so busy living life and raising our families, that we lose touch with the butterflies and sparks we craved while in the dating phase. It’s so crucial to date your partner for so many reasons. It keeps intimacy in the relationship and helps you check in with the other person, not to mention it can be…

  • The-Best-Toys-For-Teething
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    Teether Easers – The Best Toys For Teething

      Momma’s, I’m about to get into one of the hardest aspects of being a parent, teething. Unfortunately, most parents can agree with me when I say the most I’ve ever struggled with being a momma (besides the month I went without sleep) is when Hayvn is teething. So if you’re a first-time mom, don’t let this scare you, but take heed and prepare yourself now, for when that time comes. When Hayvn first started teething, it took me by surprise. My once happy, quiet, and smiley little girl had all of a sudden turned into a stage 5 clinger, full of inconsolable crying/screaming spells and was just an overall…

  • Exersaucer-Or-Jumperoo
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    Exersaucer Or Jumperoo – Which One Is For You?

      If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already done some research regarding the best play-pens for your baby, and you’ve narrowed it down to two, the Exersaucer or the Jumperoo. As a parent in the millennial era, we are presented with so many choices in terms of baby items and baby toys that all claim to be the most educational, or the most beneficial in terms of development. I know from experience that this can seem overwhelming and make it hard to choose. One debate that is rapidly gaining traction is, whether to buy an Exersaucer or Jumperoo for your baby. If you’ve never owned or used either of…

  • Getting-A-Baby-To-Sleep-through-the-Night

    Will I Ever Sleep Again? Tips For Getting A Baby To Sleep Through The Night

      Do your new baby’s sleep habits have you feeling like you need an I.V. with coffee through a drip line? Mommas, this is what I like to call the zombie flu. It’s a flu that almost every new parent catches when they first bring their newborn home. Personally, I caught this flu and it hit me hard, and to be honest, it lasted way too long. In the wee hours of the night, I would find myself desperately searching for answers on getting a baby to sleep through the night. In my search, I found that for most babies, it is typical to start sleeping longer stretches once they…