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Unique Baby Names – 200 Names For The Modern Momma


One of the hardest things about becoming a parent is finding the perfect name for your little baby. You never truly realize how hard it is until you and your spouse begin to disagree on every proposed name.

If you’re anything like me, you may want to give your baby a unique name that will help them stand out but alsoUnique-Baby-Names don’t want anything too crazy or outlandish. That is why I have compiled the ultimate list of unique baby names, that are different and unusual, but not crazy out of this world, or let’s be honest just plain weird.

This list is perfect for those mommas out there looking for unique names with a modern feel, or unique names that were once traditional but have long since been forgotten.

Some of the names on this list are simply names that were popular 100 years ago that deserve a comeback, and some are names that have flown under the radar, and others are from lists of names I’ve heard and collected for years in the making.

With this list, there is without a doubt a name both you and your partner, that you are sure to love. With the option of 200 names to choose from, you’re sure to find a name that will be perfect for your little one.

* Although I have these names separated into gender-specific groups, I’ll mark the unisex names with a star.

Baby Girl Names



1. Ada 

2. Alma*

3. Ava

4. Aviana

5. Avis 


6. Beryl*

7. Bevin 

8. Birdie

9. Briar

10. Bynx* 



11. Cleo, Clio

12. Cora, Kora

13. Cullyn, Cullen, Cullan*

14. Clara

15. Charley* 


16. Delia

17. Della

18. Diem* 

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19. Dixie

20. Dottie


21. Effie 

22. Elliette

23. Elodie 

24. Eloise 

25. Elsie 

26. Ember

27. Emblyn

28. Etta

29. Evelyn 

30. Everlee, Everly



31. Farley, Farlee

32. Faye 

33Fraye, Frey


34. Gray, Grey, Greigh*

35. Gavyn* 


36. Harlee, Harley

37. Harlem 

38. Harlow, Harlowe

39. Haven 

40. Hazel

41. Hazen

Unique Baby Names


42. Ida 

43. Iva

44. Ivory

45. Ivy


46Jaxon, Jaxyn*

47. Jean 

48. Jovie


49. Kaira

50. Kimber, Kymber

51. Kyler* 

52. Kymbre, Kymbree, Kymbrie

53. Kynlee, Kinley

54. Kynzley, Kinzley, Kinsley



55. Lainey

56Laken, Lakyn

57. Lena 

58. Lennon

59. Lennox

60. Locklan, Locklen, Locklyn*


61. Mae, May, Maye

62. Maeve

63. Mamie

64. Marlow, Marlowe

65. Mava

66. Mavelyn, Maveline

67. Maude

68. Maxie


69. Navah

70. Navy 

71. Nova

72. Nyxie, Nixie




73. Oaklee, Oakley

74. Oaklyn

75. Olive

76. Onyx

77. Ophelia (Ophie for short)


78. Piper, Pyper


79. Quest

80. Quinn, Quynn

81. Quinlyn

82. Quora


83. Rae

84. River*

85. Riverlyn 

Unique Baby Names


86. Sadie

87. Sailor, Saylor

88. Salem

89. Scout*

90. Sophie, Sofie


91. Tatum*

92. Tenley, Tynley


93. Vella

94. Vienna 

95. Viera 

96. Vivienne



97. Warner*

98. Wren, Wrenn


99. Zelta

100. Zoe, Zoey

Boys Names



1. Ace

2. Archie 

3. Arlo*

4. Arrow

5. Atlas

6. Auden, Oden 

7. Axel 

8. Axton


9. Banx 

10. Baylor

11. Beaux

12. Beckett

13. Beckham

14. Benson

15. Bohden*

16. Booker

17. Broox

18. Bronx 

19. Binx*

20. Brixton

21. Boston 

22. Bodhi



23. Cyder 

24. Cedar

25. Calvin

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26. Cecil

27. Charlie 

28. Chester

29. Claude 

30. Cosmo

31. Crew, Crue

32. Croix 

33. Cutter


34. Dale

35. Dawson

36. Decker

37. Delson

38. Denver* 

39. Dex

40. Dexter

41. Dixon

42. Duke 



43. Enzo

44. Enoch

45. Emrik, Emrek


46. Fletcher

47. Forrest

48. Foster


49. Harvey

50. Henry 

51. Homer


52. Kailor

53. Karden

54. Karver

55. Kash

56. Kairo

57. Klein 

58. Kohen 

59. Kyson

60. Kellan

61. Kelton



62. Lark*

63. Lawrence

64. Lowell

65. Ledger

66. Liam

67. Locke


68. Maverik 

69. Memphis 

70. Morris

71. Monte

72. Murphy 

73. Milo

74. Miles


75. Nixon



76. Oscar 

77. Oliver 

78. Orem* 

79. Orrin


80. Payson

81. Payden

82. Paxton*

83. Phoenix

84. Perry


85. Rollins

86. Rogan* 

87. Ridge



88. Slade

89. Slate

90. Stockton 

91. Sorren* 


92. Teague

93. Teagan* 


94. Vance

95. Von



96. Wallace

97. Ward 

98. Wiley

99. Warren 


100. Zayn 

Well mommas, there you have it, I hope you found this list helpful, and I hope you were able to find names that you and your partner both love. I remember combing countless lists of baby names while I was pregnant and nothing ever seemed to have what I was looking for.

So, I thought, why not compile my own list full of names that I would personally name my children. This list of unique baby names consists of classic, modern, and inventive names that are perfect for new mommas in this millennial era.

Did you find a name you love from this list? I would love to hear the names that stood out to you! Let me know in the comments below!




  • Jen

    This is a great list. I love the names Nova and Zoe for a girl. I actually want to name my daughter Zoe Michelle if I decide to have another one. For a boy I think Nova also works well. My niece named her son Nova and he’s just beautiful. I actually had the name Bronx on my list when I was pregnant with my son but no one agreed with me on that one. I think it’s such a cute name. Thanks so much for sharing your list, I will be sharing this with my friend who is expecting a baby.

    • Madysen

      Hi Jen!
      I love the name Nova and Zoe as well! That would be such a gorgeous name for your daughter! And I also considered the name Bronx for my baby when I thought we were having a boy. To me, it just sounds like a strong name and I love names with the letter “x” Im glad you found some names you loved on this list! Thanks for reading 🙂

    • Madysen

      Hi Tamika!
      Oh my gosh I love Trey Kennedy! he’s absolutely hilarious and that video was so funny! It is true, in this generation, we want a unique name to help our children stand out. That’s also why I added some classic names to this list that were popular over 100 years ago, to give a more traditional take on modern names.

  • JidroneP

    Hello, to find a cute and original baby’s name is a big dilemma for everyone, especially for young couples. And, if grandparents want their way – become a more significant dilemma. You wrote very original names, but I’m missing old fashion names like Paul, Peter, John, Emma, Catherine. Are they not popular anymore? Forgotten? And I don’t understand why people name their babies Memphis, Phoenix or River, Vienna? I know, my name is strange too: absolutely not American. When my kids were born, I decided to give them international names that could fit in any country of the World. My favorite names are Monte and Ada ( my auntie’s name), Ember, Hazel.
    My daughter is pregnant with the baby girl; I will show her the list of the names she can choose from your list.

    • Madysen

      Hi Jidrone!

      I wouldn’t say those names are forgotten at all, my aunt has a two-year-old boy named Paul and it definitely fits him. I think with this generation, moms are searching for unique, whimsical or “vintage” type names. Which is why I included more traditional names from over a century ago to bring back those traditional names, and they’re also unique and vintage to be considered modern. Personally, I love city names like Memphis and Phoenix, but I think that it comes down to personal preference! I love the names you picked from the list. I think that by combining traditional names and unique inventive names, this list has a name for almost anyone! Thanks for passing it along to your daughter! And congratulations on a new grandbaby!

  • CJ

    What an awesome list of names! Some classics and many I wasn’t familiar with. The ones that stood out to me were Ava, Teagan and Dex. Riverlyn was interesting too. I know a boy named Cruiz too, which I thought was pretty modern. I think your daughter’s name is one of my favs though 🙂 It’ll be great to have this list to refer to, cheers.

    • Madysen

      hi CJ!

      Thank you, I know I’m biased, but I love my daughter’s name too! We couldn’t have found a better name to fit her personality. For anyone wondering, my daughter’s name is Hayvn – pronounced as Haven, which is listed in this post as number 39 under girl’s names.

      I love the name Cruiz! I should add that to the list, such a cute boy’s name. My nephew’s name is Crew which is close, but I love the letter “z” it’s just rare to see it used in a name. So I will definitely add that thank you!

  • WIL

    My wife and I are in dilemma on how to name our baby. But until we will know whether he is a boy or she is a girl, we are just looking for possible leads. Thanks for the list.

    • Madysen

      Hi Wil!

      Wow are you waiting until birth to know the gender? Or is it just too soon to tell? That is a dilemma, because until you really know what you’re having it’s hard to fully get attached to a name. But in order to help with that, I marked the unisex names on this list so you could find a perfect name for regardless of the gender! Thanks for reading:)

  • Marius

    Wow, another very interesting and helpful post Madysen. I really loved how you grouped all names for girls and boys in alphabetic order, that makes looking for a name so much easier. It is amazing that all the names you gave us are very unique and most of them I never heard before. I think these days most of the parents’ don’t want to give boring names like John, Karl, Sandra, etc. to their children and looking for more interesting and unique names and that’s where your list comes to help. I personally really liked girl names like Delia, Hazel, Ivory, Kaira and boy names like Perry, Delson, Enzo, Atlas. Great job listing all these names here and thank you for sharing this post.

    • Madysen

      Hi Marius!

      I agree with you, I think this new generation of parents are looking for more unique names that will help them stand out. There’s actually some psychology behind it. Back when names like John, Sara, Mary, etc. were popular it was because parents didn’t want their children to be different. That just wasn’t a popular idea/opinion at the time, so a common name was better. Nowadays, the mentality has shifted to, different is better, hence the reason I posted this list of unique and different names. I am so glad you were able to find names that you liked on this list. Its fun reading all these comments because no two people have liked any of the same names! Goes to show there really is a name for everyone on this list! Thanks for stopping by!

  • suzanne

    Hi Madysen,
    Oh, how I loved looking at your article. I went up and down several times just to look at the beautiful baby pictures, lol.
    These are great names. I remember how hard it was to come up with a girl’s name for my daughter. We named her Jocelyne. It was easy for our son. I always wanted a Matthew, so that’s what we named him, haha. Thank goodness my hubby is so easy going!
    Now we’ve had the chance to watch our daughter and husband come up with two boys names. It was hilarious. They couldn’t agree on anything!!
    They finally narrowed it down and now my grandbabies are called Max (Maximus) and Eli (Elijah).
    We have a young couple we’re very close to and they just named their new baby girl Beatrix. A very old name, but one they both loved. Can’t wait to see if she’ll be Bea, or Trixy. It’s usually their friends who decide, lol.
    Thanks again for a great post. I’m sure it’ll help many new parents!

    • Madysen

      Hi Suzanne!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this article so much:) It is so fun to look at baby pictures isn’t it? I agree it is SO hard to find a name that you BOTH like. Luckily my husband and I have pretty similar taste. It does make it easy when you’ve had a name picked out for a long time. It’s definitely a good thing your husband agreed to it since it sounds like you had your heart set on the name for your son! I love your daughter’s name and your grandbabies names! Super cute and different !you don’t hear those names every day which I love! Congratulations to your friends that is so exciting and that name is so cute!! I mentioned before I love names with the letter “x” so I think Beatrix is super cute! Thanks so much for reading!:)

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